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Welcome Class of 2022!

The Honor Council kicked off the new year by welcoming the class of 2022 during Orientation week. Our Chair, Nick Santangelo (T '20), spoke to the entire first-year class during the opening ceremony in the softball field. He engaged in a Q&A session with the head FAC's, and talked about the importance of honor and action in the Duke community. Santangelo and fellow Honor Council member, Victoria Bevard, also encouraged first-years to sign the Community Standard banner, which will be displayed in Marketplace.

The two additionally held an Academic Life Session the next day for freshmen. During the session, they spoke about about the history of honor at Duke and the role of Honor Council in that history. Guest faculty speakers Dean Beth Bergene, Dr.Christopher Roy, and Dean Sue Wasiolek shared their stories and answered student questions in a panel.

Duke Honor Council welcomes the entire Class of 2022 and looks forward to engaging with the entire Duke Community this year!

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