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Moral Courage in Today's World with Sarah Raskin and former Honor Council Chairs

Sarah Raskin, former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, discussed moral courage in today's world at the final event for Duke Honor Council's 2018 Integrity Week. Prior to her role as Deputy Secretary, Raskin served as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, Commissioner of Financial Regulation for the State of Maryland, and a leader in several other public and private enterprises. She drew on these experiences in public service to highlight the importance of honor, integrity, and moral courage in today's society.

In her keynote address Raskin discussed the need for diversity to fully understand society... "we need different perspectives, a diversity of them, we need people who have lived different lives... only with these diverse perspectives may we discern the rules and norms that govern us today".

Raskin then lead a panel discussion featuring previous chairs of Duke Honor Council to continue the discussion of honor and ethics here in our community and beyond. The panel featured Alex Parrish (T '87), Bronwyn Lewis Friscia (T '08), and Kushal Kadakia (T '19). Each of the former chairs was on-campus during pivotal changes to the honor system at Duke, and our current chair was sitting to provide a current student perspective. Each chair discussed the role that the honor council and honor system at Duke has influenced his/her own life. They also shared ideas for the future of honor at the University.

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