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Dean Boulding on the Ethics of Business

On Wednesday, March 24, as part of our annual Integrity Week, Duke Honor Council hosted Dean Bill Boulding of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Dean Boulding, who has also been a part of the Graduate Management Admission Council, World Economic Forum’s Council on Values, and the White House Council of Economic Advisors, spoke to attendees about the role ethics has played in his career, both at Fuqua and in the broader business world.

Dean Boulding began with a discussion of the honor code at Fuqua. Though Fuqua has had a few hiccups along the way, they have largely been successful in cultivating a culture of honor with a limited number of breeches of their Community Standard. As Duke Honor Council, our job is to promote the Community Standard to the undergraduate population. Fuqua is a fantastic example of a successful Community Standard and culture of honor in action.

Dean Boulding also spoke about his experience with integrity on a broader scale in the business world, specifically the need for a similar culture of honor. It is advantageous for all parties to abide by fair and honorable business practices – but the benefits of such a system are only reaped if all buy in. The real question, then, is how to convince others of these benefits and the need to act with honor.

The entire room was full; extra chairs were needed to accommodate all our attendees! The audience was engaged and asked many thoughtful questions at the end of his speech, ranging on topics from the student-debt crisis to environmentally-friendly business practices. The Honor Council sends a tremendous thank you to Dean Bill Boulding!

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