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Honor Council Endorses Jackson Dellinger for DSG President

It is with great enthusiasm that Duke University Honor Council endorses Jackson Dellinger for President of Duke Student Government. While Honor Council members were pleased with Riyanka Ganguly’s emphasis on communication and community building, Jackson stood out with his strong visions for beneficial change and a successful background to back up his claims.

Jackson, a current senator for Durham and regional affairs, demonstrated his passion for being a voice for all students through his prior experience working as an attorney representing juvenile offenders in the Durham area. His firm belief that the institution fails when it stops listening to its members aligns with Honor Council’s belief in building a more genuine and communicative campus culture.

During the interview, Jackson impressed Honor Council with his honest approach to reforming SOFC funding. His ideas of making money easier to obtain for deserving clubs while also publishing data collected so that the committee remains transparent with its funding showcased his strong ownership of moral integrity. Additionally, members appreciated that Jackson’s efforts to open communication between DSG and other student groups based on their own personal goals instead of pushing for a DSG agenda.

Overall, Jackson’s willingness to communicate, competency of institutional knowledge, and openness to interact with diverse student groups make him Honor Council’s endorsement for DSG President. We are proud to support Jackson Dellinger as a harbinger of ethical change on campus and an outstanding example of moral courage.

Honor Council would like to extend a sincere appreciation to all candidates for sharing their ideas for improving Duke’s campus and culture. Council supports Riyanka’s claim that if students find passion behind the actions they pursue on campus, they are more likely to consider the ethical implications of their actions. Will’s plan to make DSG itself more honorable in its work also stood out to Honor Council as a great direction for DSG to move in.

*Kushal Kadakia (T’19), Nick Santangelo (T’20), Rasheca Logendran (T’20), David Frisch (T’20), and Brittany Amano (T’20) recused themselves from the endorsement process.

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