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Integrity Week 2015

One of Honor Council’s biggest undertakings of the 2014-15 year was Integrity Week. Taking place March 23-27, We hosted several interesting speakers and events aimed at getting students to hear interesting perspectives and think about integrity and how it plays a role in their academic and personal lives.

On Tuesday, we hosted a lunch with David Wong. Professor Wong works in the philosophy department, and his research focuses on how we decide what is right and what is wrong. You can read about him here. We also held a dinner on Tuesday with Dean Sue Wasiolek. Dean Sue has been at Duke for many years, and is passionate about honor and student life.

On Wednesday, we set up a ‘Triwizard Maze’ which encouraged students to consider various ethical dilemmas involving academic dishonesty in college. We provided free Chipotle burritos to those who finished!

Dr. Dan Ariely, a well-known researcher in the field of behavioral economics, hosted an event entitled ‘Ask Ariely’ on Thursday. Students got the chance to eat lunch with Dr. Ariely and ask him questions about his work, including his latest documentary, ‘(Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies’.

On Thursday night, we hosted the accomplished Julian Harris for a lecture and dinner. Dr. Harris is a Duke graduate, a Truman and Rhodes Scholar, director of a $10 million Medicaid program, a World Bank consultant, and currently works in the White House. He shared great insight about how our government can cooperate and accomplish great things with a little work.

Our final event of the week was a chat with Bob Lefkowitz on Friday afternoon. Professor Lefkowitz won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2012, and was more than happy to share his experiences and stories about integrity with the students in attendance.

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