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Class of 2019 Orientation (August 17-21)

This past week, Duke welcomed the Class of 2019. Honor Council used a few events to connect with first-year students and get them thinking about integrity. On Monday, the Council facilitated small group discussions in a breakout session as part of International Orientation. The participating students worked through a few case studies about academic dishonesty and moral courage on campus, and discussed how they personally would react to each situation. Through the conversations, students were forced to think about their own values and how they will affect their decisions in college.

On Tuesday, once the entire class had moved into their dorms on East Campus, all first-year students attended a welcome ceremony at Williams Athletic Field. Laura Holton, this year’s Honor Council Chair, spoke to the class about the Duke Community Standard and how it can play a role in the daily lives of Duke students.

On Thursday, the class attended their True Blue sessions to learn more about life on campus. At the end of each session, students signed banners affirming the Duke Community Standard. These students pledged to incorporate the DCS into their daily lives in college. The banners will be prominently displayed on campus to show the Class of 2019’s commitment to honor and integrity.

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