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Integrity Week 2020

Duke Honor Council works throughout the year to host monthly programming events on themes surrounding honor and integrity here at Duke and beyond. Additionally, we work with administration on projects to promote academic integrity on-campus, in the community to promote honor in local schools, and online to share our messages and initiatives. Check out our blog on this website and some of our upcoming events on Facebook to learn more! 

Integrity Week is our largest event each year, as we bring in speakers from across the country to celebrate this commitment to honor, integrity, and moral courage.

This year integrity week will be held the week of:


 March 21st  - March 27th

The 2018- 2019 academic year marked the 25th anniversary of the honor code at Duke. Honor at Duke has taken many forms - from the honor commitment, to an honor code, to the Duke Community Standard of today. The events below reflect the Council's ongoing efforts to stimulate discussions about honor and integrity within the Duke community.

Friday 3/21 - Saturday 3/22

The 49%: A Women's Rights Film Festival

Rubenstein Arts Center
times vary (see Facebook)
Facebook Event

Monday 3/23: Delegate Kathy Tran

Creator of PolitiFact and Knight Professor of Journalism and Public Policy at the Sanford School for Public Policy
Social Sciences 331: 6-7pm

Tuesday 3/26: President Vincent Price

Perkins 217: 5-6pm

Thursday 3/28: Dr. Charmaine McKissick-Melton

Associate Professor of Mass Communication at North Carolina Central University
Social Sciences 136: 6-7pm

Friday 3/29: Dr. Phil Rosoff

Chair of the Duke Hospital Ethics Committee
Rubenstein 153: 6-7:30pm
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