Chris Kennedy: The Intersection of Honor and Sports

It’s no secret that sports are a cornerstone of Duke culture. On a campus where some students spend nearly two months “tenting” for spots to the Carolina basketball game, the importance of athletic is incredibly clear. This past Tuesday, the week before the historic rivalry game, the Honor Council paid homage to Duke’s tradition by hosting a sports ethics-themed event. The Council invited Duke’s Senior Deputy Athletic Director, Chris Kennedy, for a conversation about sports ethics, NCAA regulation, student-athlete demeanor, and the role of honor in the Duke Athletic Department. Mr. Kennedy began his talk by describing his forty-one years at Duke and the incredible development he has witne

Sexual Misconduct Panel Discussion

On Thursday, February 15th, the Sexual Misconduct Committee of Honor Council hosted a Sexual Misconduct Panel between two members of the Duke Men’s Project, Saumya and Ethan, and two gender violence prevention interns, Brigid and Mehreen. The goal of the panel was to foster a dialogue surrounding proactive, rather than reactive, solutions to rape culture, specifically on Duke’s campus. The committee really wanted to engage men in this conversation about proactive measures, and emphasize the importance of changing male-female interactions to curb this problem. While the vast majority of men are not sexual predators, the vast majority of sexual predators are men. This panel aimed to explore th

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