Finals Fill-Up Event

In partnership with the Office of the Provost, Duke Student Government, and the Kenan Institute for Ethics, Duke Honor Council held the Finals Fill-Up event in Duke's West Campus libraries at the start of reading period (December 9-10th). Duke Community Standards thermos were handed out to students along with a voucher for a free cup of coffee at Vondy to facilitate honorable study behaviors in preparation for finals. Duke Honor Council would like to thank all event co-sponsors and wish the Duke Community luck with finals!

Provost Kornbluth on Research Ethics

Look around at your dorm-mates, your classmates, and your teammates. More than half of them will participate in some form of research before their time at Duke comes to an end. With such a high percentage of Duke undergraduates engaging in research, it seems obvious that there should be some form of education about integrity and ethical research. On Monday night, Provost Kornbluth joined Duke Student Government and Honor Council to discuss some of the most prevalent issues surrounding integrity and research at Duke. Most people don’t have a problem with the concept of an honor code. Most believe themselves to be honorable people and don’t think twice about signing a pledge to refrain from ch

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