Criminal Law and Financial Markets: Can Money Prevent You From Doing Time? -A Talk with Prof. Samuel

After devastating events like the financial crisis of 2008, people are quick to place blame and call for the prosecution of those involved in the scandal. As I sat down with my plate of Guasaca, it seemed to me that white collar crime was simple. Commit fraud?—Prison. Insider trading?—Prison. Money laundering?—Prison. But what do you do when the line between what is right and wrong becomes blurred? This is the very question Duke professor of law Samuel Buell proposed as he sat down to discuss with members of Honor Council, Scale and Coin, Consulting Club, and other members of the Duke Community. What is so difficult when it comes to discussing honor in the corporate world is that there is no

Ethics in Finance: Why Do People Cheat on their Taxes?

On Thursday, October 12, Honor Council had the privilege of listening to Professor C.J. Skender as a part of our theme of ethics in business and finance this month. Professor Skender has served as a training consultant on three continents for IBM, Nortel, Siemens, Starwood and Wells Fargo. He has developed and delivered various executive education seminars as well as CPA, CMA, and CIA review courses. For six years, he lectured simultaneously in the State, Carolina and Duke CPA preparatory classes. C.J. has received multiple teaching awards at the Fuqua School of Business, the Kenan-Flagler Business School, and North Carolina State University. C. J. has taught 300 sections of college courses

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